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Still Lost in Space – The Jupiter 2

In Collectibles, Electric Sheep on February 19, 2010 at 9:57 pm

On October 16th, 1997 the Robinson family, in deep cryogenic sleep, left the Earth aboard the Jupiter 2 – the first family in an effort to colonize Alpha Centari. The victim of sabotage by an enemy agent, the damaged ship and its occupants were hopelessly lost in space. The Jupiter 2, shaped like a large flying saucer, would serve as the Robinson’s home as they tried to find their way back to Earth.

The 1960’s Irwin Allen series was a preemptive attempt to capture a science fiction audience before the imminent release of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek. Over the years, Lost in Space hasn’t held up as well as Star Trek due largely to its campy plots and monster of the week episodes, but it is still much loved for its iconic robot and the famous ship that captured the imaginations of boys like me. I am still nostalgic for those early adventures.  Watching these old shows reminds me of the boy I once was, and the memories are fond and vivid.

I recently added the Jupiter 2 to my collection of science fiction models and memorabilia. The Moebius Jupiter 2 is an impressive 18 inches across and highly detailed – far superior to earlier model versions of the ship. I found a professional modeler that built the ship for me and the craftsmanship far exceeded my expectations – and they were very high.  The modeler was able to install a custom lighting kit that really brings the ship to life. Each cryo-tube is individually lit as is the elevator shaft. Lights hidden between the panels of the ship bring each computer console to life. The landing gears and reactor core are also lit.  The detailed painting of the consoles is perfect. Looking through the main window of the ship is like looking onto a movie set.

The Jupiter 2 takes its place in my collection with other famous ships from late 60’s and 70’s science fiction shows including a 3 foot model of the USS Enterprise from the original Star Trek series, the Eagle One Transporter from Space 1999 and the Seaview from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

The following photos are of the actual model in my collection. If you are interested in one of these I can connect you with the artist.


Indiana Jones Premium Format Statue from Sideshow Collectibles

In Collectibles, Electric Sheep on February 1, 2009 at 7:09 pm
Indy statue in the morning light.

Indy statue in the morning light.

This statue from Sideshow Collectibles will probably be the best Indiana Jones collectible produced. It has already won several industry awards. Indy stands nearly two feet tall from the base and is highly detailed. The likeness to Harrison Ford is outstanding. I have the exclusive version which comes with an alternate hatless head.  The gun belt is real leather and the gun can be removed. The statue is created out of polystone and hand painted. The clothing is fabric and highly detailed.

This photo was taken by me in the morning light. The statue sits on my desk and I like to look at it while I am checking my email. The light really brings it to life. He casts a shadow on the wall that looks like something right out of the original film. I am posting an additional photo from Sideshow of the entire statue and base. 7192_press02-0014

When the first Raiders films were in theaters there were very few toys or collectibles produced. This is why Indiana Jones collectibles are so rare. They made up for this with the release of the new film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I am hoping that Sideshow will produce another one of Dr. Jones -this time dressed as the professor of archeology, with tweed suit and glasses. The alternate head with hat would be a good choice as the exclusive for this statue. He could be holding the grail diary from the third film.

While there are Indy collectibles available -and at every price point- I bought only one. I think I chose wisely . . .

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